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Heavy Duty SMART Stick

Heavy Duty SMART Stick

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New Zealand's number one, best selling NAIT Tag Reader "The AgriEID Heavy Duty Smart Stick Reader" has been updated with a faster chip and more processing power to ensure successful tag scans are completed faster and at a greater reading distance. This extremely popular product has been reinforced to add strength to stick section for greater durability in tough working conditions. The device speaker has also been significantly upgraded so a successful tag scan is now more audible even with extreme background noise. When combined with AgriEID livestock management software (12 months free access) this is the most advanced NAIT livestock management solution available on the market today.

The Heavy Duty Smart Stick Reader also comes with an upgraded SMART Bluetooth chip and High Definition LCD Screen. This rugged device also stores up to 50,000 individual electronic tags numbers in solid state memory for easy download after use (free software available for data transfer - no subscription required).

 Demo of the Intelligent NAIT Tag Reader 


Connect to any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android) including Laptops via the powerful new BlueTooth chip (Android and Apple) and use AgriEID Digital Farm Platform to manage individual animal records - create, search, add activity, notes and medical batch via the unique electronic NLIS tag numbers. Simple to export all records to excel at any time. Also comes with free software to export records to excel from the device internal storage.

Click here to learn more about the AgriEID digital farm software and here for the mobile application. Click here to view video demo's of the AgriEID software platform.

Instantly optimise your livestock operation with our 24x7 Artificial Intelligence FARM AI chatbot module : click here for more information.

The AgriEID platform provides a single pane of glass view of the entire farm and follows guidelines provided by the NAIT for best practice and audit requirements.

This SMART NAIT ear tag reader comes with 12 months free access to software designed to simply record and auto calculate each animals full medical history. It can be used to identify poor genetics as animals can be tracked back to their dam and sire so poor performing genetics can be sold off and top performing animals retained for ongoing herd genetic improvement.

When you can track the performance of your livestock and pasture over time you can compare your performance to key industry benchmarks. This enables you to focus on areas that need improvement such as genetics, medical treatments and pasture performance. If you start to record the history and performance of your animals it becomes a simple process to move up into the top quartile of benchmarks with the assistance of your local veterinarian, stock agent and agronomist advice.

Product Demo - NAIT Tag Reader




Hardened heavy duty reinforced design ensures this livestock stick reader can operate without failure in extremely harsh working environments.

Includes a hardened heavy duty black cylindrical dust proof carry case for safe transportation and storage. Includes a tough heavy duty wrist trap to ensure you don't drop the device when in use and you can hang the device when not in use between animal scans. Uses a heavy duty lithium ion rechargeable battery - charge cables included.

Demo of Key Features and Functions :

Connecting via Bluetooth to App and Excel :

Device Reading Range (20 to 25cm):

The AgriEID mobile app 

Ensures smooth operation when internet access is not available. Simply sync your data to cloud when internet access is next available.



Click here to view video demo's of all 12 modules in the AgriEID platform.

Click here to learn more about the AgriEID digital farm software platform.

For more videos and information on this NAIT tag reader please click here