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Heavy Duty Load Bars

Heavy Duty Load Bars

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Introducing the AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bar System, the trusted livestock weighing solution installed and used in over 1,000 farms located right across rural Australia and New Zealand.

AgriEID precision scales have exceptional accuracy and durability for rapid livestock weighing in harsh, remote environments.

The AgriEID complete load bar system features a high-definition LCD monitor, stainless steel precision load cells, and heavy-duty, waterproof cable connectors, making it the ultimate solution for monitoring your herd's performance.

Key Features:

  • Advanced average weight algorithm for outstanding accuracy and rapid weight display
  • Plug-and-play setup with factory calibration for effortless operation
  • Compatible with the optional AgriEID software application for automatic calculation of average daily weight gain (ADG) and herd performance tracking
  • Rugged, heavy-duty load bars with a weight capacity of up to 3000kg
  • Waterproof IP67 load cell and monitor design for reliable performance in harsh conditions
  • Easy to use software to track weight gain over time.

Experience unparalleled convenience with our easy-to-install load bar system that requires just a level surface and a platform. The package includes a stainless steel encased digital high-definition indicator, a 6V deep cycle rechargeable battery, and 5m long rodent-proof cables with durable stainless steel connectors.

Maximize your herd's potential with 12 months free access to the AgriEID software. This powerful tool enables you to identify poor performing animals for targeted medical treatments, track genetics for continuous herd improvement, and meet industry benchmarks for optimal farm performance.

Boost your farm's efficiency and profits by leveraging the data-driven insights provided by the AgriEID software. Assign individual and group medical treatments, and utilize our mobile application for seamless data management even when internet access is unavailable.

Our load bars are designed to withstand the toughest environments, with aircraft-grade aluminum load cells and upgraded rodent-proof cabling. Each system comes with a stainless steel IP67 digital monitor that features 2000-unit memory storage, advanced livestock hold mode, and a heavy-duty rechargeable battery.

AgriEID is well known for offering the best warranty and customer service in the industry, backed by our growing community of satisfied customers who rely on our scales to better manage their livestock.

To build your own aluminum platform, check out our Free Guide here. For a custom-built solution, we recommend contacting a local engineering or welding firm.

Click here to learn more about the AgriEID digital farm software and here for the mobile application. Click here to view video demo's of the AgriEID software platform.

The AgriEID platform provides a single pane of glass view of the entire farm and follows guidelines provided by NAIT for best practice and audit requirements.

Instantly optimise your livestock operation with our 24x7 Artificial Intelligence FARM AI chatbot module : click here for more information.

Annual income earning potential benchmarks - click here to view

When you can track the average daily weight gain of your livestock over time you can measure your farms performance to key industry benchmarks (ie weight at 9 months old). This data then enables you to focus on areas that need improvement such as genetics, medical treatments and pasture performance. Your business is paid dollars per kilogram - if you start to record the weight history of your animals it becomes a simple process to move up into the top quartile of benchmarks with the assistance of your local veterinarian, stock agent and agronomist advice. 

Discover the power of our 24x7 Artificial Intelligence FARM AI chatbot module and optimize your livestock operation in real-time. Learn more here.

    The Livestock Management Software can also be used to record individual and group medical treatments with individual notes (pregnant, dam, sire, new born etc).

    Click here to view video demo's of all 12 modules in the AgriEID platform.

    With the AgriEID software it is simple and easy to record each animals average daily weight gain (ADG) over time. As such you can identify poor performing animals as they are weighed in the crush and then administer medical booster treatments to improve their performance (oral drench, pour-on, multivitamins etc). Poor young cattle performance is less than 250 grams weight gain per day - good performance is 500g to 1.5kg per day. As you only need to treat the poor performers - you save big money on expensive products. By using our scales and software your herd weight prior to sale is maximised and improvements can be up to 30 percent per annum in total gross weight gains.

    Video demo of ADG (Average Daily Gain) auto calculation in action :

    Animal average daily weight gains (ADG) can be easily tracked using the NAIT tag with an AgriEid NAIT Digital Smart Reader or simply use the animals visual tags.

    Our new mobile application can be used when internet access is not available.

    Simply sync to the cloud when internet access is next available and your records are automatically updated.

    Demo below

    Our load bars are known for their rugged durability, superior accuracy and performance in harsh operating environments. The internal load cells are made from aircraft grade aluminium and are fully sealed to keep out moisture (IP67 rated).

    Cabling has been upgraded to a blue high density TPR / PVC rodent proof coating with stainless steel quick release connectors with independent heavy duty cabling to each individual load bar for optimal reliability and protection. 

    Each system includes a heavy duty stainless steel IP67 digital monitor with 2000 unit memory storage (save and retrieve individual weight records) and an advanced livestock hold mode at no additional cost. Also includes stainless steel mounting bracket and 6v heavy duty rechargeable battery good for thousands of readings (3-5 days continuous usage with out mains power).

    The load bar system is calibrated in the factory with a 1000kg weight so you just have to connect the load bars to the monitor with the 2 provided cables and switch on the HD monitor to start precision livestock weighing. 

    Click here to view the technical manual with system functions and capabilities. 

    There are M12 sized holes on the edge of each bar so you can use an M12 cup bolt to secure your platform to the top of the load bars. There is clear and easy access to the bolt area to tighten as required before and after use of the system.



    Check out our Free Guide on how to build a aluminium platform (click here). We recommend aluminium construction from a local engineering / welding / fabrication firm - cost should only be $500 to $800 and take a few days to build.

    We do not sell platforms for 3 main reasons : Each crush is constructed differently with unique measurements and requires a custom built platform to properly fit with no installation issues. Freight costs for a large metal platform would be cost prohibitive. We also like to support local rural businesses and the community.


    Demo of Livestock Module with ADG in the AgriEID Cloud Application 

    For more info on AgriEID software click here (inc pricing). You can export all records to excel if you do not want to continue using the software after the free 12 month period. Please note the AgriEid software is not required to operate the load bar system - it is simply a fantastic value added feature with powerful analytics developed to significantly increase your total weight production per annum.

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    Includes Bonus 12 months FREE Access to the AgriEID software platform

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    Live demo of the Digital Farm Software in action :

    Digital Farm System in action with Heavy Duty NAIT SMART Stick Scanner