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Livestock Scales

Livestock Scales

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AgriEID Livestock Scales are a Heavy Duty (DIY) Solution. Easy to install and operate for all Cattle Crush sizes and designs.

This next generation livestock scale kit includes IP67 stainless steel load cells, stainless steel digital indicator, stainless steel IP67 junction box and double metal shield (stainless steel) PVC clear rodent proof quick connect cables.

Watch the Product Demo Video below :


This easy weigh solution is built tough and is easy to install onto any custom platform or cattle crush. Cattle crushes come in many different designs (platform or no platform) and varying sizes (width, gates, head bale etc). 

The 4 x AgriEID Heavy Duty, Height Adjustable Load Cells are made from solid stainless steel (IP67) with rubber non-slip pads that can be attached to any sized platform (timber / metal) or bolted under the cattle crush frame. (mounting brackets and spacers provided)

Connection of the 4 x Heavy Duty Load Cells to the Digital Weigh Indicator is simple - we provide detailed instructions (link below) and support to quickly get your cattle scales installed and operational in the yards.

Combine with our Livestock Management Application to measure weight gain and performance over time with medical records and notes (FREE 30 Day Trial here).

Includes free email and local phone support for customers in New Zealand.

Video of how to Add and Track Digital Weight Records with ADG (Average Daily Gain) :




Animal average daily weight gains (ADG) can be easily tracked using the NAIT tag with an AgriEID NAIT Digital Smart Reader or simply use the animals visual tags.

This application works on any device and can be used with internet access or when internet access is not available use a simple excel template to upload weight records.

The cloud based AgriEid livestock management platform delivers powerful analytics and secure digital record keeping. (instant save, update and retrieval on any device).

Learn more about the Livestock Pro App with a Free 30 day trial account click here

Included are these Premium IP67 Components :

4 x 2250 kg heavy duty stainless steel load cells (IP67 rated)
4 x Threaded Mounting Brackets (bolt directly to crush frame)
4 x Sets of Bolts, Washers and Nuts 
4 x Metal Spacers for Timber or Metal Platform
4 x Heavy Duty Height Adjustable Swivel Feet with Rubber Pads
1 x Premium Junction Box (Stainless Steel and Waterproof)
1 x Digital Weighing Indicator (Stainless Steel IP67) with 3.5m quick connect cable
1 x Indicator Operation Manual
1 x Installation Guide with Calibration Certificates

Video of what is included in the BOX  :




Heavy duty double metal shield (stainless steel) clear PVC coated cables are provided in 2.5m and 3.5m lengths for the 4 load cells and a 3.5m cable for the indicator to junction box.

The digital weigh indicator includes a heavy duty rechargeable 6V battery so the scales can operate 100% remotely without 240v power for up to 5 days continuous usage on one fully charged battery cycle.

Please note : The aluminium platform is not included with these scale (see below for our DIY construction guide and how to order from your local engineering / fabrication company)

Construction of an Aluminium Weigh Platform :

This is our recommended solution as the total weight is less than 35kg for a platform 2000mm x 700mm.  An Aluminium platform can be quickly built by your local fabrication / engineering company for about $800 including materials. Materials required are 50 x 50 x 5mm Angle (platform sides), 50mm RHS (centre rib support), 6mm aluminium plate and 15mm x 200mm x 60mm pads for the load cells (drilled and tapped). Take the measurements for the platform size you need along with a load cell, screws and brackets provided and they will be able to build you a light weight, low profile super strong platform in no time. 

Download and print our platform construction guide here

Video Demo showing Cattle Scales Installation and the Construction of a Hard Wood Timber Platform by One Person.


The kit is calibrated at the factory and pre-wired. If further calibration is required after installation it only takes only 5 minutes to complete.

The AgriEID Stainless Steel IP67 Cattle Scale Indicator has a "Livestock Hold" function with a selectable 3 or 5 second average weight calculation for superior accuracy.

Suitable for maximum capacity up to 4500 kg.

Construction of a Timber or Steel Platform.

A timber platform can be built if you do not have welding skills or access to a local engineering firm. We do recommend steel over timber construction as steel is more rigid and less likely to warp over time which can result in load cell errors. Please note a hard wood timber or steel platform will weigh 100kg + so they are heavy.

Platform Construction Guide click here

Installation Guide click here

Attach to base of Crush frameWe provide 4 x threaded base plates with heavy duty bolts so you can attached the feet to the base of the cattle crush frame. The average cattle crush weighs 500-1000kg so this system has plenty of capacity for the crush to be used as a permanent platform. The maximum capacity for the 4 load cells when installed is 4500kg so even with a 1000kg crush there is still 3500 kg capacity for weighing animals.

Why Purchase Digital Cattle Scales :

1. Weigh regularly to maximise profit 
- Ensure animals are continually gaining weight
- Review the speed which animals are gaining weight 
- Identify good performers and poor performers
2. Apply accurate treatment dosages
3. Identify and monitor sick animals
4. Ensure optimum weight is achieved prior to sale

Includes FREE SHIPPING to any Rural Location in New Zealand

Click here to view our detailed installation guide for this product. This is a DIY solution as it requires the 4 x load cell wires to be connected a junction box with a small screwdriver.

A heavy duty stainless steel digital weigh indicator with rechargeable 6V battery is included with a quick connect metal shield PVC cable- User Manual view here

View the AgriEID range of Heavy Duty Load Bars here 

Check out the AgriEID complete NAIT Digital Farm System here  


 Demo of the AgriEID Software below