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Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)

Compact SMART Scanner (GEN II)

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AgriEID Compact SMART Scanner imports NAIT tags direct to the AgriEID software application in real time as the tags are scanned over Bluetooth connection.

Learn more about the digital farm software click here and mobile here

View a live demo of the software in action here (auto connects to this smart NAIT reader via bluetooth to Apple or Android mobile devices).

NAIT Tags can also be imported directly to Excel, Google Sheets, Notes and Apple Numbers applications on your Android and iOS (Apple) mobile devices via Bluetooth connection. iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Smart Phone, Samsung etc

Also Import NAIT Tags directly to your Apple or Windows laptop / desktop in realtime via the Bluetooth connection.

This SMART device stores up to 20,000 NAIT tag numbers locally on the device hard drive which can be transferred via simple software (Windows) after you have completed your scanning session.

Scans up to 50,000 NAIT tags on a single charge (includes lithium Ion rechargeable batteries) and USB charging lead.

This SMART compact device also has a Repeat Read function.

If you don't want the same NAIT tag number stored more than once - when a duplicate number is scanned it will not be stored again on the device and it will beep with an audible tone and on screen state "DUP" for duplicate record.

With repeat read function disabled when you scan 100 animal tags - the max tag numbers displayed and stored on the device will be 100 - regardless of how many duplicate scans are made during the session.

This is an excellent way to count the total number of animals worked on in total without errors by mistaken duplicate scans etc

Set the sleep function from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes.

Powerful next generation antenna to scan tags from the front or back of the device.

Recommended if animals are immobilised ie in a head bale and extra reach is not required.

Product manual click here to view.

This advanced bluetooth (GEN II) device includes 12 months FREE access to the AgriEID Livestock Pro Application - click here for more information on this application.