Cloud Platform and Mobile App software includes :

  • Livestock Management - weight (ADG), medical, notes etc
  • Medical Batch for Livestock Management
  • Medical Cabinet (purchase records and cost inputs)
  • Paddock Management inc stock rotation, spray, slash, seed etc
  • Chemical Batch for Paddock Management 
  • Chemical Cabinet (purchase records and cost inputs)
  • Machinery Purchase, Service and Maintenance 
  • Planner with Reminders - annual livestock and paddock plan
  • To-Do List with Expiry and Tasks 
  • Rain Gauge with unlimited historical input with realtime comparison
  • Market Livestock Sale and Farm Revenue   
  • Mobile App - no internet connection required with auto sync to cloud
  • Voice to Text - push button to talk and enter data - no need to type
  • Access to the system via any browser, device and location
  • World class security and data back-up (Amazon web services)
  • Feature request submission for real-time product enhancement
To view a video demo for the cloud platform click here and for the mobile app click here

This is a fast and simple to use software application that integrates with precision digital scales and smart electronic tag readers. The system enables you to easily record individual livestock data such as medical batch, weight, pregnancy status, new births, genetics, condition, sale price and general notes.

Individual records are easy to create, manage and retrieve on any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Laptop etc) with the animals electronic or visual tag details. 


AgriEID SMART EID Readers can direct connect to this application to make management even easier via NAIT electronic ear tags. click here for more information

AgriEID Digital Weighing System to track livestock performance (ADG) and time your optimum sales weight to perfection. click here for more information

Live Demo of the AgriEID Software working in the yards with the AgriEID Heavy Duty SMART Reader and AgriEID Digital Scales (Digital Farm System).



This software is designed around 2 simple ID tags for livestock management :

1. An Electronic ID tag (EID) which has a unique 15 Digital RFID number (NAIT) and

2. A Visual ID tag which has a unique identification protocol to the property. ie "C23"

The AgriEID system utilises 2 different types of ID tags (one in each ear) to ensure that if one tag is lost the animals critical data (medical, weight etc) is still accessible. Individual animal data can be easily retrieved in the system with either ID tag and the missing tag simply replaced with zero risk of any critical data loss.

This powerful web based application can be accessed by any device, mobile phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, computer by simply logging into your secure cloud account.

The application enables you to record new births with a direct link to the mother and fathers individual record, sales records (inc price / kg), weight records with analysis over time (average daily weight gain), creation of groups to track performance ie "Weaner's 2020", medical batch records with withholding periods auto populated, individual animal records with details of weight and medical treatments.

Demo of the Software in Action :


Demo of Apple Pencil and AgriEID Application : 



Data can also be easily exported and imported into the AgriEID software via MS excel spreadsheet for additional security and functionality (importing historical records etc).

Individual livestock records can be retrieved by these 5 methods :

1. Connect AgriEID SMART reader and scan the unique 15 digit EID ear tag

2. Type the animals unique Visual ID tag into the system ie "C23"

3. Use an EID scanner and enter the last 4 digits of the unique 15 digit EID

4. Use voice command to say the Visual Tag or EID number 

5. Use a smart pen to write the Visual Tag or EID number

Demo of AgriEID SMART Scanner connectivity :


When in the paddock for example - simply type the animals visual tag into your iPhone to retrieve the full individual record history. You can quickly and simply add a new birth record using your mobile phone and link the new birth records to the mothers visual tag.

General notes can also be added to any individual record at any time such as 'Bad Limp' or 'Vet Treatment Details' for animal health monitoring with a unique date stamp in their general record history section with a link to the record notes.

Mobile view for iPhone / Android etc :


This application is deigned to work with the AgriEID digital farm system hardware. The digital farm system includes digital scales and a smart stick reader to capture important data of livestock so records can be quickly and easily uploaded into the Livestock Pro management platform.

This software platform enables you to easily fulfil your obligations as a livestock owner to meet minimum audit requirements and to take professional care of your animals ensuring you have clear visibility over your animals health and well-being.

One of the key things the platform enables you to identify is your top and least performing animals. You can identify which animals are not reproducing (infertile) and animals that do not put on weight as required to meet set goals.

Software Key Features and Functionality :

1. Create Individual SMART records tracking animals Birth to Death
2. SMART search and retrieve any individual animal record and view on any device using Visual Tags or the EID Tag scanned by SMART reader.
3. Complete Medical History for each animal including notes and ability to create batches and bulk allocation with ESI / WHP / Batch Number / Expiry Date / Dosage
4. Complete Weight History with average daily gain (ADG) for each individual animal.
5. Complete Sales History with links to Dams and Sires ($/Kg).
6. Complete Birth history for every Dam and Sire - ability to create new calf records on mobile phone in paddock and link to parents.
7. Scheduled Paddock Rotation tracking to maximise farm performance - movement of group between paddocks with date stamp.

Our software enables livestock owners to :

1. Identify top performing animals for breeding and expanding the herd with the best genetics based on calving history and sales prices achieved at market
2. Identify poor performing animals to improve overall herd performance. ie animals not calving or producing light weight progeny with poor prices achieved at market
3. Provide the best medical care for your animals with easy to add and retrieve medical records - professionally manage annual health programs with ease.
4. Ensure your farm pasture is maximised for the optimal health of your animals and the land with Stock Rotation paddock and group record keeping.
5. Easily comply with mandatory record keeping as per the random farm audit program requirements for livestock breeders.

With a farm professionally managed using our livestock software system,  productivity and annual income can increase by up to 30% per annum - providing an excellent return on investment for your software subscription.

Demo of ADG being measured for performance identification :

We have also released a Mobile App for phones and tablets so the system can now be used if internet access is not available when working with your animals. Input any data on the android app and it is stored locally on the device - you can then sync to the cloud when internet access is next available. A full copy of the cloud data base can be downloaded to your phone at anytime for access to all records when internet access is not available.

Click here for more information on the AgriEID mobile application.

Bulk records (historical and current) can be rapidly uploaded into the platform with simple excel import templates.

In order for the platform to improve over time with new features and functionality, support existing users and to cover the costs for servers and data security we offer our software on an affordable monthly subscription program.

For example if you have 25 breeding cows you would be fine with the Entry Level 100 Plan (LP100) as this will provide you with up to 100 unique animal records so you will be covered for several years of calving and adding additional new births and managing weaner's growth performance, medical records, paddock rotation, rain gauge etc.

A record is a unique animal record based on their visual and/or electronic tag. As animals are sold you can delete their records to free up spare licenses at anytime. Pricing is in USD as per the above monthly plan details.

New Modules (in development) :

  • Emission reduction and carbon sequestration (project baseline and audit)
  • Farm cashflow (profit and loss) - revenue less basic cost inputs

New modules will be released with no additional cost to the users monthly plan.

Your data is secure and backed up in powerful cloud based Amazon Web Servers (AWS) protecting your farm records against fire, flood, computer theft, damage etc. Your data can be exported at anytime directly to excel and saved to your local computer.

Video Demo - 12 current modules click here 

30 Day - Free Trial of the platform (no credit card required) click here