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Digital Farm System

Digital Farm System

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The Digital Farm System combines an electronic identification (NAIT) reader, precise digital scales, intuitive software and artificial intelligence in one integrated package.

AgriEID Intelligent NAIT tag scanners direct connect to the AgriEID cloud-based software platform which makes locating, editing and creating individual animal records as simple as scanning the electronic NAIT tag and adding in details on your iPad. 

Delivering optimal productivity and long-term improvements for your livestock operation.

Discover the AgriEID Advantage:

  1. Smart EID Readers & Accurate Scales: Revolutionize your livestock management with our top-notch EID reader and digital scales, delivering precise identification and weight data to refine health, nutrition, and breeding approaches.
  2. User-Friendly Farm Dashboard & Analytics: Harness real-time data on animal performance, growth patterns, and herd well-being, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for optimized productivity.
  3. Efficient Farm Management: Unleash your farm's capabilities with our intuitive platform, enabling seamless monitoring and management of every facet of your livestock operations.
  4. Mobile & Desktop Compatibility: Stay informed and connected while on-the-move, granting you access to vital information anywhere on your farm.
  5. 24/7 AI Chatbot Support: Introducing "RUFUS," your AI-enabled farm assistant, providing round-the-clock advice and expertise, akin to having an experienced consultant by your side.

Demo of the Digital Farm System in Action 


Digital Farm System - Demo #2

The Digital Farm System is designed to be used on an iPad or Tablet when inputing data in the yards. A large high resolution touch screen device provides the best user experience when speed and accuracy is important when working on animals in real time.

The AgriEID Application can also be used on a mobile phone which is handy when adding new birth records with a direct link to their mothers individual record in the paddock in real time as the animal is born.

Why Choose the AgriEID Digital Farm System?

  • Amplify Productivity: Enhance your farm operations with technology, conserving time and augmenting efficiency.
  • Increase Profitability: Optimize your farming tactics with data-driven insights for long-lasting growth and boosted profits.
  • Improve Decision-Making: Employ real-time data and analytics to make well-informed decisions and steer your farm towards greater profitability.
  • Unparalleled Support: Reap the rewards of expert AI chatbot guidance 24/7, ensuring you have the help you need.
  • Future-Proof Your Farm: Implement the future of farming with our all-encompassing Digital Farm System.
  • Adaptable & Scalable: Affordable solution thats can expand your operations with ease.

Software Demo on iPad in Cattle Yards :

As work is completed in the yards, each new activity is saved directly onto the iPad or tablet under each animals NAIT or Visual Tag record.

After work has been completed, simply view the Livestock Pro Web App for detailed cloud based analytics (productivity, income etc) on your laptop or desktop computer.

Demo of Intelligent NAIT Tag Scanner :

This system eliminates the need for hand written notes and endless computer work to manually re-enter records after tiring yard work has been completed.

All individual animal records and group analytics are available for rapid retrieval and review at any time on any device (Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop etc).

The AgriEid system utilises 2 different types of ID tags (one in each ear) to ensure that if one tag is lost the animals critical data (medical, weight etc) is still accessible.

Individual animal data can be easily retrieved in the system with either ID tag and the missing tag simply replaced with zero risk of any critical data loss.

Bulk historical records can be easily added to the system from your laptop / desktop with our excel spreadsheet upload function - also useful if reliable internet access is not available in the yards.

Benefits of the AgriEID Digital Farm System :

1. Improve herd performance and profitability
- Accurately monitor weight gain over time
- Identify good genetics and poor performers
2. Ensure optimum weight prior to market
3. Apply accurate treatment dosages
Add notes for pregnant and sick livestock  
5. Digital scales easily added to any cattle crush 
6. Eliminate paper note keeping and save time
Comply with NZ Government record keeping audits 
8. Compatible with Apple and Android devices

The AgriEID Smart Digital Farm System includes  :

The Gen II Livestock Scales System with Digital Indicator (IP67 Stainless Steel)

AgriEID Livestock Scales (Gen II) now come with Double Metal Shield (Stainless Steel) clear PVC coated rodent proof cabling and 4 x Solid Stainless Steel Load Cells (IP67). This is a DIY solution as it requires load cell wires to be connected a junction box with full instructions provided here.


AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bars with advanced Stainless Steel Digital Indicator (2000 record memory) and simple installation with 600mm size.

(800mm and 1000mm sizes also available pls email for pricing and discount voucher)

With the Option of One of the following SMART Digital NAIT Readers.

Original AgriEID NAIT SMART Stick Reader (Extendable Telescopic Arm) or 

AgriEID Heavy Duty Gen III SMART Stick NAIT Reader

The system includes fully rechargeable batteries in each device so you can operate 100% remotely for up to 3 days continuous usage.

AgriEID Livestock Scales (Gen II) more info click here

AgriEID SMART Stick NAIT Reader more info click here

AgriEID Heavy Duty SMART Stick NAIT Reader more info click here

AgriEID Heavy Duty Load Bars more info click here

How to build and order an aluminium platform - click here

Please note the iPad and aluminium platform are not included. 

If you have any questions about this system - please feel free to contact us here.

Includes FREE SHIPPING (5 Day standard delivery time).


Learn more about the AgriEID App click here inc 30 DAY FREE TRIAL (No credit card required)

More digital farm videos and demos - click here