NAIT Tag Reader - Extra Video


Export saved electronic tag numbers (up to 50,000 unique electronic tag numbers) to any personal computer with windows.

Scroll through the saved numbers on the large high definition LCD screen as you work on animals.

Also has an extremely useful non duplication function so you can be sure to not scan animals electronic tags twice when working in the yards.


You can connect to your iPad / Tablet in the yards as you work on animals with a direct connection to the Livestock Pro App for real time record updates including notes, medical batches, weight etc. 

At the same time all the unique numbers are stored in the reader's memory so you can review the numbers at any time and have a firm animal count at the end of the day as there with the non duplication function activated.

Advanced new chip technology in this scanner ensures easy connection and reconnection to Bluetooth as you work on livestock with your mobile device and app.


Click here to view the comprehensive product manual and user guide.

More information about this device is available on our support page here.